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wifi is a technology that is using for high speed internet. wifi range determines the range for wireless systems.
wifi hotspots are used for transferring of data through wire.
* [http://www.wifiguide.org wifi]
* [http://www.wifiguide.org/wifi.php wifi]
* [http://www.wifiguide.org/wifi-security.php wifi security]
* [http://www.wifiguide.org/wifi-services.php wifi services]
* [http://www.wifiguide.org/wifi-hotspots.php wifi hotspots]
* [http://www.wifiguide.org/wifi-cards.php WiFi Cards]
* [http://www.wifiguide.org/wifi-radio.php WiFi Radio]
* [http://www.wifiguide.org/wifi-antenna.php WiFi Antenna]
* [http://www.wifi-planet.org wifi]
* [http://www.wifi-planet.org/wifi.php wifi]
* [http://www.wifi-planet.org/wifi-hotspots.php wifi hotspots]
* [http://www.wifi-world.org wifi]
* [http://www.wifi-world.org/WiFi.php wifi]
* [http://www.wifi-world.org/wifi-hotspots.php Wifi Hotspots]
* [http://www.wifi-world.org/wiFi-antenna.php WiFi Antenna]
* [http://www.wifi-world.org/wiFi-range.php WiFi Range]
* [http://www.wifi-world.org/wlan.php WLAN]

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